What is SEO and how do I become a SEO Hero?

What is SEO and how do I become a SEO Hero?

One of the questions I often get asked is what actually is SEO and how do I become good at it? As in, how do I become an SEO Hero?

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Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s simply the ability of a website to show up in the organic search results of a search engine. So if you picture in your minds eye, the search results page of, for example Google, Yahoo or Bing. You will have some paid ads at the top and then some paid ads at the side. The rest of the search results are natural search results. Research has actually shown that the natural search results have a higher credibility and get more click throughs. As a result, your business gets more exposure, more visitors to your website, more leads and more sales. Now, let me explain to you the four steps to becoming an SEO Hero.

The first step is to become a Research Hero

We actually look at what are people searching for when they’re looking for your product or service. Often, the people that are looking are using different words to the people that are selling a particular product or service.

Or in any case, there could be four or five or six different words that people use to find your product or service. So this is the keyword research stage and in the end we’ll find the best keywords that are most relevant. SEO Heroes find these gold nuggets which correlates to the product or service that you provide and that have a high commercial intent. So that means that people are actually looking to buy your product or service.


Now the second stage of becoming an SEO Hero is learning On-Page Optimization

An on-page optimization, simply means modifying your website so that it becomes more relevant to the keywords that we identified in step one. This means that the search engines knows that your website is about those particular keywords. As a result, your page can show when someone searches for those keywords.

For example, if our page was about Super Heroes and we were trying to ranking for the word SEO Hero, the article would have the keyword SEO Hero in the article.

The third step of becoming an SEO Hero is learning Off-page Optimization.

Off-page optimization can be a bit technical. Therefore I’m not going to go into all the details around SEO in this short article. In summary, off-paged optimization, is about building links to your website and making your website more important in the eyes of the search engines. So that means building link, but it also means making your website shareable on social media sites, for example. When people find something interesting and relevant, they will share it with others via multitude of mediums on the internet. End result is that that search engines will pick it up and show your website in the search results.

Going back to our previous example, if large numbers people share your articles about SEO Hero on their personal social sites, talks about your site on forums related to Superheroes or SEO Heroes, or other authors reference your site in some way, there is normally hyperlink back to your website. Depending on authority that these other sites hold, this will work favourably for you.

The fourth step as a SEO Hero is to continuously Measure, Test and Track the actual SEO campaign.

Now this step can actually be the one where we create the most profit from a SEO campaign. We actually have a detailed look at what do people search for to get to your website. What did they do when they get to your website? Which of their searches and which of those people actually turned into a profit for your business? So, did they make an enquiry and how much money did you make? Did they make a purchase on your e-commerce store or some other site of your website? So, once we know which of the key words and which traffic channels actually leads to sales, we can concentrate on optimizing those and thereby increasing sales and profits.

So, in summary, SEO is the ability of a website to show up in the search results for a specific search query. (keyword). The four steps to SEO are research, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization and Measuring, Testing and Tracking.

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