On Page Optimzation

The single most important factor when trying to rank you website on the major search engines is to ensure your site and pages are structured and optimized correctly. The first step in becoming an SEO Hero is to ensure your own house is nice and tidy before you start conquering the world.

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Social and Backlinks

As the internet has evolved over the past couple of decades, so too has what we the users find is the more relevent and engaging. One of the best ways to track engagement is using Web 2.0 social media networks to connect with your audience. As the engagement grows, so does your recognition with the search engines.

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Engaging Content

The medium in which the content is delivered can vary though video seems to have the edge currently. Having up to date relevant content which is engaging can make you Super Hero SEO  genius in the eyes of the search engine. The key is to syndicate the unique content with all your fan pages.

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There's a new Google ranking factor that's huge right now. And when you take advantage of it, you can find yourself with higher rankings and more traffic. And if you ignore it, well let's just say that you're missing out on a ton of high quality traffic. I'm going to reveal what this new ranking factor is, and three practical ways that you can take advantage of it.

I'll also show you the results of a real life case study that might surprise you, keep watching. (upbeat music) A while back, I published a post on my blog called How to Get High Quality Backlinks Without Guest Posting.

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